Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Our room 7 inquiry for these last few weeks is about the island Barbados. We have all created a way to display our work to teach you about what we learnt about the Barbados. I have created a google drawing and I hope you enjoy but, at the same time learn something new.

Monday, 20 November 2017


Maths time!

Today's maths lesson we focused on the millions and being able to times it.

We worked on a sheet called Welcome to the global village.
In this work sheet, one person in the village represents 71 million people in the real world. There are 100 people in this village from different countries.

The village stirs and comes to life, ready for a new day. .Who are the people of the global village ? Where do they come from?

60 are from Asia - 71, 000, 000 x 60 = 4260, 000, 000 (Four billion, two hundred and sixty million)!
This was one of the questions from the sheet^^

Here is one for you to work out. Remember 1 person represents 71 million people.

15 are from Africa ?

I learnt so much from this maths lesson.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Mindfulness with Mrs Turner

Straight after interval, room 7 had a visitor who came to talk to us about our brain.
Mrs Turner is a wonderful helping lady, she teaches different types of subjects. She helps especially in our school with certain kids.

Mrs Turner taught us about Neuroplasticity, a tricky pronouncing word! Say ('New-row-plasti-city').
Apart from pronouncing it, she taught us about what it means. The word Neuroplasticity means the neurons in our brains! They are the ones who sends signs to the rest of the body to control it.
Interesting fact: There are about 80-100 BILLIONS of neurons in our brain.

Always face challenges so you can use them in the future as an ability.

During this session she also let us witness a picture of one, also made us create one with the template using play doh.

It was very fun and very education. I enjoyed every bit of it!

One of the students neuron creation!

Our neurons apart on the mat

Friday, 27 October 2017

Puberty (DLO)

In reading we have been studying about Puberty. I have created a google drawing with facts to teach you all about what Puberty is about.

Here is my digital learning object (DLO). 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sun smart Presentation

This is a presentation Maara and I created from our research about Sun smart. We have learned about the protection we need and what the sun can generate. We made this presentation using Powtoon.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Career Choice!!

This is one of my career choices I have made.

I have researched about this career, so far I am happy about the decision I've made. Although I am leaving my options open for more careers.

But I have researched and learnt more about this career.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Duffy Assembly!

To start off our Monday morning 18th of September 2017, we had Duffy assembly. Our duffy role model was a lady who works for the radio station, she is the one who reports the news on ZB, her name is Niva Retimanu. Niva Retimanu has been doing her radio job for 30 years, which is awesome.

Image result for Niva retimanuNiva is a fun and kind person, Niva was born in Invercargill to Samoan parents. She grew up mostly surrounded with books because she always went to the library as it was always cold.

Niva Retimanu came to our school today, she told us about her career, the importance of reading and she also read us a book called “Kiss, Kiss, Yuck Yuck”. Niva is a great role model to us. I learnt so much about her. Hopefully in the future she comes back to Glenbrae School to tell her stories to our new generation.

Niva has inspired me very much and I will definitely read lots of books.