Monday, 31 July 2017

Science Intensive

Students last week had learnt heaps from an exciting whole school rotate, we call it Science Intensive. Where different classes rotate in different classes and stay in there until lunch time, during that time they learn about a certain topic related to Science. 

So far my class had visit (in order);
Room 7 (Mrs Tofa - Insulation ~ My class)
Room 8 (Miss Stone - 3 States of Matter) 
Room 9 (Mrs Sigamoney - Earthquakes) 

We had learnt heaps from each of these classes about the topics they were teaching, but the one I enjoyed the most was Miss Stone's one. You may know why I enjoyed it the most if you did see my post about it. 

I learnt about Liquid, Solid and Gas. 

If you haven't, we had made chocolate designs. I am a chocolate lover so I enjoyed it. But I also enjoyed it the most because I learnt more about the 3 states of matter then I thought I did, I learnt about the particles in the three states of matter and what they mean. 


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