Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Science Intensive

Today room 7 and the rest of Glenbrae school had our last Science Intensive.

For our last Science Intensive, room 7 and I had went to room 10 Mr Nath's class. In his class we had learned about Fire, Fire Safety and Fire Hazards.

In the first block, Mr Nath had instructed us to buddy up and work on a the slides he had provided for us. In those slides it talks about what are some types of fire, how it happens, what are some phrases or words we know related to fire and much more. We got to share those phrases/words about fire to the class.

During the second block we had looked at some posters relative to Fire safety. That was when we had to get creative and create a poster about Fire safety our selves, and as the older's of the school Mr Nath will display our posters. Not just poster's we had created, we also had to create a rap about fire safety, I enjoyed it. My poster is below.

It was fun and interesting in room 10 learning about fire, fire safety and fire hazards. I have learnt heaps.


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